Element Watersports

Sunny Kiteboarding kitesurfing courses and camps take place at the Element Watersports station in El Gouna. The station is north of the marina and downtown El Gouna. With a TokTok you can reach Element Watersports within 10 to 15 minutes, depending on where you are staying in El Gouna. The Toktok costs 20 EGP per person, which is about 1 EUR.

In a familiar atmosphere the centre offers everything a kiter’s heart desires:

  • Beginners friendly kitespot
  • Repair workshop
  • Storage
  • Washing area
  • Compressor
  • Beach service
  • Rescue boat
  • Changing romm & lockers
  • Showers & Toilets
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Chill out area & Bedouin tent
  • Free WIFI
  • Massage
  • Kinderspielplatz
  • Volleyball- & soccer field
  • Billiard, table tennis & table football

The Element Watersports area is characterised by a large standing area that extends more than 500 metres into the sea and covers a total area of approx. 5 km². The lagoon offers optimal conditions for beginners as well as for advanced riders. The teaching area and the freeride area are separated by buoys.

At high tide the water is slightly choppy, at low tide almost mirror-smooth. At high tide the water reaches about to just above the navel.

Because the spot is located in a trade wind zone and the Venturi effect and the Seebreeze effect also support the prevailing winds, we at Element Watersports have an average wind yield of approx. 70% throughout the year. The regular wind direction is north-west, north-north-west, providing perfect side shore/side onshore conditions.

The average wind speed is between 14 and 20 knots.

Water temperatures are up to 28 degrees Celsius in summer and 18 degrees Celsius in winter. You only need a wetsuit in the winter months. We recommend it from mid/late October to mid May.

Phone: +49 (0)163 160 99 41
Wulfsmoor 19
D- 22955 Hoisdorf